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February, 2018

I received my first set of bioidentical hormone implants in October of 2014.  Shortly thereafter, I began offering this service to my patients; and my medical practice has not been the same since.  Prior to October 2014, I had been prescribing bioidentical hormone creams, patches and pills for around 9 years.  However, I had been investigating the implants for about 2 out of those 9.

Between 2012 and 2014, I had several new patients move to the area and come see me for their bioidentical hormones.  In other cities, they had been receiving the implants but none in our area was providing that service so they had to seek out other options.  They all seemed to have the same general story.  They preferred the implants because they worked better and required no daily effort to maintain; and they wished they could continue the therapy.  

However,  they all seemed to have 2 major problems with their hormone implant treatment.  The first problem was that it seemed each round they had different inconsistent results.  They felt better overall, but the effect was different each round.  The second problem was that their providers almost seemed to be guessing at what dose to give them - not very scientific or customized.

So, I began a journey.  The reported effectiveness of the hormone implants intrigued me.  I had already been turning from using the bioidentical hormone creams to using the patches and pills because my patients using the creams did not seem to have steady relief of their symptoms.  Every 12 hours or so they’d have a symptom flare until they could get their next dose of cream.  Or they just never got as much benefit as I thought they should from the creams.  The patches/pills were better.  The symptom relief lasted a few days versus a few hours.  But they still did not get as much benefit as I thought they should.

I started investigating hormone implant companies.  My 2 major concerns:  quality of the implants and did the company have a system for deciding the starting dose for the patient.  

Around that time, there had been a lot in the news about poor quality in compounding and the FDA was cracking down on compounding pharmacies.  I figured that, if I was putting an implant in patient that realistically I could not remove, then I wanted to make sure the dose was exactly what it said it was and that quality standards of the compounding pharmacy were exceptional.

As a nurse of 20 years, I love protocols and systems!  They insure that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do in the best way that there is to do it.  It only made sense to me that whatever company I chose needed to have a dosing system that gave me a starting point.  It didn’t seem safe or logical for me to be able to look at a patient and magically decide that they needed a certain dose.  I wanted a more fact based decision method!

As I investigated, I discovered BioTE Medical.  They seemed to be the only company who adequately addressed my 2 major concerns.  

BioTE is not a compounding pharmacy.  They are a physician owned company that contracts with a compounding pharmacy.  Their contract states that the compounder has to test every batch of implants that they make.  Each test has to show that the implants are within a 3% above or below margin of what the dose actually is.  Many patients say that a 3% margin of error doesn’t sound good.  However, legally in this country a brand name synthetic medication can be 10% above or below each batch.  A generic medication can be 20% above or below each batch!  So, 3% sounded pretty good to me!

Because BioTE Medical is physician owned, they are constantly doing in-house research as well as looking at world wide research on the subject of hormone replacement therapy.  They have created a “dosing site” for medical providers to use that is constantly being updated with the latest knowledge that they have acquired.  This “dosing site” gives me the ability to input a new patient’s medical history and lab values.  The system then generates a set of recommendations based on that data.  So, no me magically deciding on a starting dose, but a fact based, research based starting dose for all of my patients.  

Because of the quality control standards and “dosing site”, I chose to work with BioTE Medical starting in October 2014.  And I have not been disappointed and neither have my patients!  The “dosing site” is right on the money for recommending the correct starting dose for my patients about 95% of the time.  If it’s not exact then it is usually an underdose NOT an overdose and I quickly give my patients a “boost” to get them to the optimal range.

As far as quality goes, I see consistent results dose after dose for my patients.  And they are much happier than they were with the other methods of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  I was the first medical provider in the area offering this therapy; but, since 2014, multiple providers have begun offering hormone implant therapy.  I frequently have patients change to my office because they are not getting consistent results from their implant treatment.  It didn’t really hit me until recently that all the batches that fail with BioTE’s standards then get sent out to other non BioTE practices.  So they are using inferior quality implants while I am using the best quality.  Makes a huge difference in quality patient care!

The quality control and the dosing system is what attracted me to the BioTE Medical company.  BioTE’s hormone implants have given my patients phenomenal results that I never saw with the other hormone methods.  It has been over 3 years, and they haven’t disappointed me or my patients yet!

Visit our website or call (910)-763-1961 to book your Bioidential Hormone Replacement today!

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